About Us


Our History

In 2011, Mike Torres founded South Shore Baseball Academy after retiring from his professional baseball career. Through South Shore Baseball Academy, located in Easton, Massachusetts, Coach Torres has passed along his in-depth knowledge of the game to countless players. Coach Torres provides specialized, individual instruction to players of all ages, which allows them to develop and hone their baseball skills, with an added focus on the importance of being a good teammate on and off the field. In addition, South Shore Baseball Academy is the home of the club's South Shore Rox teams that compete in the New Balance Select League and in numerous tournaments throughout the Northeast.

Our Mission

It is our mission at South Shore Baseball Academy to provide the intensive individual instruction that is necessary for our players to achieve their highest potential on and off the field. We strive to provide the skills, character, confidence, and discipline that our athletes need to succeed in life, as well as in their baseball careers from youth league to high school, college, and beyond.