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South Shore Baseball Academy

Constructing The Road To Success


NEW – Spin Classes!  Come in for a 45 minute workout which focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, low/high intensity using a stationary bike. A typical class involves routines that are designed to simulate terrain and situations similar to riding a bike outdoors. Movements include hill climbs, sprints and interval training using music, motivation, and coaching to lead you through a ride that best suits any fitness level and goal.

South Shore Baseball Academy provides youth baseball programs that deliver comprehensive, individualized instruction and innovative training.   In addition, we focus on the integration of character development and social responsibility.  Our goal is to make our players better on and off the field!

We offer one-on-one instruction, small group lessons, private facility rentals, individual tunnel rentals, and competitive team programs for ages 9-17.

Our team rosters are hand selected by head coach and program director, Mike Bianchi.  We do not believe in holding large try-outs for our teams.  Instead, we value a smaller, private environment, where every player benefits from superior instruction, consistent training methods, and positive reinforcement.  We believe that with hard work, commitment , and professional training, any player can build their road to success. 


Donna & Mike

"To establish youth baseball programs that provide comprehensive, individualized instruction and innovative training in addition to integrating character development and social responsibility."